Variant 5

VARIANT 5 Orienteering


Variant 5 is an orienteering club from Targovishte, Bulgaria, established 1991. Many young talents are representing and training in the club under the guidance of the coaches Petranka Angelova and Dian Bonev. Variant 5 organizes the international Velikden Cup - 4 days of orienteering in the hearth of Bulgaria. Every year several new terrains are mapped around Targovishte since Dian Bonev is one of the leading mapmakers in Bulgaria.

President of Variant 5 is Dian Bonev who is also member of the board of Bulgarian Orienteering Federation and coaches' counsel of BgOF.

Variant 5 Orienteering

Variant 5 Orienteering

Variant 5 Orienteering

Here you can find what media says about Variant 5.

Below you can also see some examples from bulgarian newspapers from the early 1994. The second article is an interview with our precious friend from Switzerland - Mark Lettau who is also quite much into the work of Variant 5 Orienteering club.