Variant 5

VARIANT 5 Orienteering


In 2019 Variant 5 is once again organizing the traditional 4 days orienteering event - "Velikden Cup" 2019! More info about our event during Orthodox Easter at Velikden Cup 2019. Come, enjoy and explore new territories in the hearth of Bulgaria - Targovishte! WEBSITE: / Facebook page:

The club is also organizing a very challenging and joyful new 5 days orienteering competition - Variant 5 Days 2019 in region of Panitsite, Kalofer from 13th to 17th of August. WEBSITE: / Facebook page: 


Variant 5 also organizes the following training camps and competitions during 2018:

1Spring training campApril
2Velikden Cup 2019
(facebook page)
4Variant 5 Days 2019 Kalofer
(facebook page)
3Summer training camp~20.August
5Misionis Cup (Veteran Cup)09 November
6Misionis Trail Run10 November