Important news for Elite runners at Velikden Cup

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Dear Orienteers

We have the pleasure to announce several important improvements of our World Ranking Event in Targovishte (17. – 21. April 2014). In brief: Elite runners will get more pricemoney. And more competitors will win World Ranking points.

In detail:

• For our long distance race we doubled the prize money. We will introduce «Targovishte Trophy» (WRE, Monday, April 21st, 2014) – and the winner of this trophy will be honoured with 1000 BGN in cash. The new «Targovishte Trophy» aims to be a very prestigeous race stimulating the competitors in classes M21E and W21E.

• To add some thrill to the race we decided to indroduce money prizes not only for the medallists ranked from 1. to 3. place, but for the competitors ranked from 1. to 6. place.

• The One Man Relay on the first competition day of «Cupa Velikden» became over the years a tough race for the elite runners. Therefore we decided to introduce prize money for this event, too: 1. place 200 BGN, 2. place 100 BGN, 3. place 50 BGN.

• Over all we are able to support the elite with closely 6000 BGN in cash (2013: 3020 BGN). This is only possible thanks to new sponsors like our new gold sponsor Allianz Bulgaria.

• Finally our World Ranking Event gains importance due to desicions made by the International Orienteering Federeation IOF: Starting from this year all participants in the M21E and W21E long distance race will win points for the World Ranking. There will be no competitor any more ending up with «0 points». WRE-events in general are now more important.

We hope, that this is good news for you. And most of all we hope to see you in Targovishte during «Cupa Velikden» and «Targovishte Trophy»!

Best regards / поздрави

Marc Lettau                                   Dian Bonev
Senior Event advisor                   Technical director

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