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Variant 5 would like to give you a warm welcome to its new website! Our goal is to supply you – our readers – with information about Bulgarian orienteering events, the clubs organizing them, and our own club „Variant 5″. In the two years since our site was launched, our members have often been criticising its lack of up-to-date information; therefore we have created this new site, which allows us to post new information more easily. We are open for your remarks and criticism about the site. Please use the comment function to tell us what you think, so we can further develop this website to suit the needs of our members.

Apart from the new club website, our biggest event „Velikden Cup“ has got a brand new site as well. It provides you with all the information about the four competitions of the event, with a new programme being introduced this year: One man relay, sprint, middle distance, and long distance. The site further allows you to sign up for the event and to get informed about accommodations in the area.


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