Variant 5

VARIANT 5 Orienteering

Annual meeting 2011

Здравейте, съотборници, приятели и съмишленици на СКО "Вариант5",
за поредна година организираме клубна среща, на която да съчетаем в едно работата - ако тя може да се нарече така, тренировките, удоволствието, забавата и почивката и всичко това в атмосферата на Ориентирането. Ще анализираме изминалата година и ще обсъдим стратегията ни за развитие за бъдещето. Отворете поканата по-долу за повече информация.
<Местата са изчерпани>
Покана за среща на Вариант 5 (pdf - 4.57MB)

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  1. Great post with lots of imnotrapt stuff.

  2. Hehe I kind of missed doing reviews! But I haven’t really been buying new skin care or makeup, which leaves me with nothing to review. 😛 I still use the Skin Hour day cream too, but as a makeup base pa rin. I don’t want to use it as a daily moisturizer cos I hate having to dip my hand in the jar. How can you tell the natural parabens from the manmade ones?

  3. People who can only see Big Brother rising in the direction they were trained to look… and never in other directions… are pretty pathetically myopic and tunnel vision.When there is NO evidence that the authority figures they fear are getting any worse, then they are delisional.When they can ignore 6000 years of history and the advice of Adam Smith, and instead chant as sock-puppets : "The oligarchic monopolist masters are our friendssssssssssssss"Well, then, that is simply dunce-i-tude.

  4. DziÄ™ki za Å›wietnÄ… relacjÄ™ 🙂 na pewno wiele z Nas chciaÅ‚oby tam być – ja również, ale dziÄ™ki temu, że Ty siÄ™ tam znalazÅ‚aÅ›, przemyciÅ‚aÅ› Nam nieco nadchodzÄ…cych kolekcji i trendów 🙂 i tak wÅ‚aÅ›nie powinien dziaÅ‚ać caÅ‚y ten modowy Å›wiat, Å›wietna pozytywna zależność, niosÄ…ca caÅ‚e mnóstwo inspiracji.

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